Friday, 23 January 2009

day of pampering

Tomorrow myself and my daughter in law and a few friends are going for a day of pampering. I was given this as a Christmas gift from her. I cant think of a nicer idea right now, shes a gem!
I don't know about you but i find it hard to do just "me " times. So laying on a table for an hour and half is going to kill me!!! i will probably be organising menus or sorting some list out in my mind while i am laid there!...Ive been told it will send me to sleep so lets see..** chuckles.

My son is still looking for work but is managing to keep pretty upbeat, it will be nice to spend time with him too tomorrow. Hubby will take him for lunch and i think they are doing the cinema while we are at the spa, so he will enjoy that.

Its getting pretty bad in our town right now. Shops are closing daily and a lot of the tiny shops have gone under. Its such a shame because these shops sold all the little unusual things that you wouldn't get in the big stores. Yesterday i had a lovely family who had to cancel their holiday. There were 13 of them and had booked a special family holiday to Florida in the summer. I remember it vividly the day i booked it. one of the children was in a wheelchair and i remember how excited this little girl was that she was finally going to see Mickey i nearly wept with them as they signed the cancellation papers. Two of the men had been made redundant , their jobs gone...its times like this i hate my job. All i could do is offer a smile and sympathy, bless them.

4 weeks tomorrow and we go to the Azores, its getting close now and our tickets arrived today which makes it even closer.Steve is so looking forward to seeing Whales, i really hope they play ball and come out to play that day!!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing, and please keep safe and warm.

God bless
Sue xx


  1. I could sure use a day of pampering, but that isn't going to happen in the near future. lol. Enjoy. What a sweet daughter-in-law. Hugs.

  2. enjoy the pampering! I could use some myself...

    It's sad how many people are losing their jobs.... it's happening over here, too. I hope the economy kicks back again real soon!

  3. enjoy your day tomorrow.
    I am going to the spa tomorrow too.
    The town where my parents live is also in a bad way, shops closing all the time. Its not looking too good.

  4. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. A lovely way to de-stress.

    I think things will get worse before they get better. What gets me is the banks and other financial institutions, not to mention governments, caused a lot of this and now it is the poor rank and file that have to suffer, and to get these institutions out of the mess they caused.

  5. i'm in need of a spa day. your upcoming trip is so exciting!

  6. Massage will do your body, mind, and soul alot of good!

    I 've been prescribed to have this done twice a month, but my insurance will not pay for it!

    The first two times were free, but now I pay a discounted price of $55.00 for a hour, so I don't go, LOL!

    I did give a gift certificate to the maintenance guy here who works, although he has alot of back pain.

    That was wonderful of your daughter to give you the gift of massage!

    I hope it was a nice experience for you!

    I always satrt off by chatting with my therapist...and then I drift off to sleep! (The relaxing music and scents...and being put into a totally relaxing state of mind!)


  7. Ohhhh. Jealous on the pampering!!!!