Friday, 23 January 2009

day of pampering

Tomorrow myself and my daughter in law and a few friends are going for a day of pampering. I was given this as a Christmas gift from her. I cant think of a nicer idea right now, shes a gem!
I don't know about you but i find it hard to do just "me " times. So laying on a table for an hour and half is going to kill me!!! i will probably be organising menus or sorting some list out in my mind while i am laid there!...Ive been told it will send me to sleep so lets see..** chuckles.

My son is still looking for work but is managing to keep pretty upbeat, it will be nice to spend time with him too tomorrow. Hubby will take him for lunch and i think they are doing the cinema while we are at the spa, so he will enjoy that.

Its getting pretty bad in our town right now. Shops are closing daily and a lot of the tiny shops have gone under. Its such a shame because these shops sold all the little unusual things that you wouldn't get in the big stores. Yesterday i had a lovely family who had to cancel their holiday. There were 13 of them and had booked a special family holiday to Florida in the summer. I remember it vividly the day i booked it. one of the children was in a wheelchair and i remember how excited this little girl was that she was finally going to see Mickey i nearly wept with them as they signed the cancellation papers. Two of the men had been made redundant , their jobs gone...its times like this i hate my job. All i could do is offer a smile and sympathy, bless them.

4 weeks tomorrow and we go to the Azores, its getting close now and our tickets arrived today which makes it even closer.Steve is so looking forward to seeing Whales, i really hope they play ball and come out to play that day!!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing, and please keep safe and warm.

God bless
Sue xx

Sunday, 18 January 2009


I am struggling so much keeping in touch with all my old favourites in JS. I posted on the new JS site and am staying there but i am finding it so hard so far. Will keep persevering though and one day it will all come clear ( i hope )

the azores

Well February is nearly here and time for our trip to the Azores. I gave Steve the details for his Christmas present and he was thrilled to bits..and yes Roz we are actually going whale watching!! Ive booked us on a 4 hour boat trip and am praying the water isn't too rough! Bought some binoculars so am all set. It will be an experience for sure..

Have a great week everyone. and God bless you .

Sue xx

Monday, 12 January 2009

Good morning

Hi fellow JS,ers . I hope you all had a great weekend . Reading Dorries forum this morning it said our poor Journalspace had been sold. While it makes me sad,I am still hopeful we can still ressurect it from the ashes somehow. I am thankful for Dorrie and Wheelie for helping us find each other.
Life is getting back to normal now our friends have gone home, i do miss them though.
Work is pretty slow at the minute too and yesterday we opened our doors on a Sunday for the very first time since we opened 25 years ago. The boss worked it and Ive yet to find out how busy it was. Its scary how many shops in our small town are closing due to the recession, the biggest one was Woolworth's which was a real family store and has been around forever!
This year i am determined to lose the weight. Ive joined whale watchers and its slowly coming off, although Ive fallen off the wagon over Christmas!

I do miss you guys, there are still a few who i haven't found yet but my middle name is " never give up"

God bless you all..have a good day and keep safe

Sue xx

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Recovering from Christmas

First i want to say thankyou to those who ive managed to find on here, some i can read but cant add so i need to work on that one, mr scribbs for one.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our 3 Maltese friends who have been here since 23rd December. While i loved every minute it was hard work and today i feel washed out. We had some great times though. My penfriend supports Manchester United football club so we spent the day in Manchester going around Old Trafford Ground. I guess if you are interested in football it was exciting, but just give me the shops anytime, now that IS exciting!

We had to visit casualty ( ER ) while they were here as one had a bad asthma attack, we put it down to it being so cold, one day it got down to minus 4. They aren't used to cold weather.

So today its trying to get back to normal. I miss the company but it sure is nice to have my space back again...

Wishing you all a very happy new year ...God bless you


Friday, 2 January 2009

Hello from Susananne, js refugee

This is my first time trying something new out. I hope through this i can keep in touch with some of my dear JS friends and favourites, and meet new /old JS friends..

Happy New Year to you all and will work more on this Blog as the time goes on.