Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hi everyone

I apologise for not updating sooner but life has been busy and my poor laptop died on me so ive had to rely on this old lady ( the computer ) and shes a tad slow!!

Weve also been away to the amazing Azores. If anyone has a chance to try it out please go, its like going back in time. The scenery was just amazing , the bird life just spectacular and we even managed to go dolphin and whale watching.
These are the lakes that the Azores are famous for...sete cidades. In the Seven Cities Old Kingdom there was a king which has a very pretty daughter. This little princess loved the country life so much that she walked a lot throughout the fields, contemplating mounts and valleys, villages and customs.
On a beautiful day she found a young shepherd and talked lastingly with him, and, one day, those long talks turned into a romance. Since then they started to meet every day, swearing love and mutual affection.
But the princess's father already decided her destiny because of a prince, heir of another kingdom, which intended her hand. Therefore the King had to suspend this romance with the shepherd. Thus, the princess was forbidden to meet with him again, although her father consents her a last farewell with the shepherd. But, when they met for the last time, both of them cried so much that, at their feet, two lagoons were formed: a blue one, made of the fallen tears of the pretty princess blue eyes; the other, green, made by the spilled tears of the young shepherd green eyes.
The two amorous were separated for always, but the two lagoons made from their tears remained together for the all eternity"

Probably a load of tosh but its nice and romantic isnt it?

Weather was a bit mixed but it is their winter so i wasnt expecting anything too sunny. We hired a car for a couple of days and nearly ended down the mountain side, but thats another story..needless to say we made it back safely!

This photo about sums the island up, I havent even had chance to do anything with it so this is straight from my basic camera. Arent the colours amazing?

Will post more another day rather than overload you but i wanted to share these with you.

Am trying so hard to get into Blogger and slowly but surely i am winning.

Take care and God bless