Saturday, 23 May 2009

happy anniversary baby

Tomorrow is our 34th wedding anniversary and when i look back over those years i just thank God for His hand upon our lives.
Steve and i were childhood sweethearts. I remember sitting near him in class and he used to pass me little notes , we got told off so many times for chatting in class.
We were both in scouting and so used to meet up a lot on weekends camping. I remember once we were doing an assault course and we both ended up under the tarpaulin, people were pulling our legs for taking so long coming out!! chuckles.
Our first date was to the cinema to see "King Kong " ( the original ! ) 1968 .I remember when he tried to kiss me we bumped noses..we were both so innocent.
Time moved on and we eventually got engaged when we were 19 and married at 21. Our wedding day was a very small affair but beautiful.
To this very day he is still the same Steve.Thankfully having his stroke didn't change his character and he is still the most loving, kind and considerate man i have ever met.
When i think back to our vows , through sickness and health i realise how true that is. I love him more now, even through illness and trials.

And so today i say Happy Anniversary my love...I pray that we get many more together.

Have a great weekend everyone..

Sue xx

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A wedding to make you smile

After probably one of the most difficult weeks ever, this is a new week,new start, new challenges but a clean slate.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the ” what ifs ” that i forget that God already knows the answer and that i should always just listen to Him. He has my best interests at heart after all.

Saturday was a lovely day. My colleague and friend Leanne got married. We have been planning her wedding for over a year and so to see her achieve her dream was wonderful. She had almost given up finding her “Mr right” but last year in he stepped and now she is Mrs right.. The sun shone ( which was a miracle ) and everything was perfect. There is nothing nicer than seeing a bride walk down the aisle. Will share a couple of photos with you …

Sorry the photos are all over the place, i still cant get the hang of how to put them in my post!

Hope you enjoyed looking at these with me.The photo below was of myself and my colleagues .
Ive been asked to go to Northern Cyprus at the end of May for 4 days. Its a country Ive never been to so it will be interesting to see what it involves. Its going to be a busy educational though. So far i have 18 hotels in 2 days to visit so had better take good walking shoes!The trainee Katie who has only been with us since October won a trip to South Africa and is visiting Kruger Game reserve, she is so excited about it. Its a trip of a lifetime for her and shes only 18! Shes a good kid and we get on so well, in fact she calls me her second mum!! lol
Hoping you are all having a good week. Remember to live a lot and laugh a lot…its infectious!
God Bless you

Sue xx