Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Prayers answered

I had my other tests done this morning and after a very painful experience the tests came out negative. It is just some tissue that’s causing a problem but nothing serious.

I had to chuckle though as we were sitting in the waiting room the TV was on. There is a chat programme here called “the Jeremy Kyle show” a bit like Oprah but more aggressive.On it was a young couple who were fighting because she wanted a ” boob” job and he wouldn’t pay for it. And there we were , about 20 of us women sitting waiting for a doctor to find out if in time we would actually have any boobs to worry about. Thankfully we found it funny and it actually broke the ice in there.

So good news, another hurdle to jump but all is good.

God bless you and ty for your prayers

Sue xx

Monday, 27 April 2009


That word sends shivers down my spine, whoever invented them must have been a man!

Last Weds i had mine at the local hospital and was told to wait a few weeks for the results, i wasn't unduly worried as i haven't found anything abnormal or anything .

This morning just 5 days later i got a letter in the post asking me to go to the City Hospital and the breast clinic for more tests . I rang them up as i thought it might be the actual machine malfunctioning but they assured me it wasn't and that my breasts had some significant changes since my last scan.

So yes i am nervous and apprehensive. I trust God in everything and know i am having my faith put to a test. I am so ready to encourage people to have faith, now i have to put my money where my mouth is ..and do it.

I am thankful I don't have long to wait and weds is nearly here. Prayers and good thoughts would be really appreciated .

God bless you

Sue xxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sad day

You go through life jumping hoops and achieving goals and in a way expect it to go in a certain pattern. Born, grow up, meet someone , get married, have kids, then grand kids etc etc.

I know life isn't so black and white. I know that for sure as i didn't expect Steve to have a stroke at 48 and not able to work again. But you take what life throws at you and get on with it don't you?

My youngest daughter in law has PKU. Its a life threatening disease that meant she may never had children but until today shes lived with that hope.

She went to the specialist today who confirmed that she will not be able to have a baby and my heart is breaking for her. She feels “different” to other girls, she said she feels she cant give my son what he wants and feels a failure.

How can you put into words how special she is to us all. How much we love her and how much more important it is to have her alive and well in our lives .

They are travelling up to see us this weekend and she is going to get the biggest hug i can find.

Yes I am hurting for her and in a way i feel robbed too. I would have loved to have been a Grandma but no way will she ever hear that from me.

Be kind to one another this weekend , God bless you .