Saturday, 23 May 2009

happy anniversary baby

Tomorrow is our 34th wedding anniversary and when i look back over those years i just thank God for His hand upon our lives.
Steve and i were childhood sweethearts. I remember sitting near him in class and he used to pass me little notes , we got told off so many times for chatting in class.
We were both in scouting and so used to meet up a lot on weekends camping. I remember once we were doing an assault course and we both ended up under the tarpaulin, people were pulling our legs for taking so long coming out!! chuckles.
Our first date was to the cinema to see "King Kong " ( the original ! ) 1968 .I remember when he tried to kiss me we bumped noses..we were both so innocent.
Time moved on and we eventually got engaged when we were 19 and married at 21. Our wedding day was a very small affair but beautiful.
To this very day he is still the same Steve.Thankfully having his stroke didn't change his character and he is still the most loving, kind and considerate man i have ever met.
When i think back to our vows , through sickness and health i realise how true that is. I love him more now, even through illness and trials.

And so today i say Happy Anniversary my love...I pray that we get many more together.

Have a great weekend everyone..

Sue xx


  1. Awwwww...sweet post =)
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary. You've got me beat by a few years. We just celebrated our 28th. Congrats on the long marriage, and here's wishing you many more years of happiness together. Hugs.

  3. That is great. Happy Anniversary!

  4. This makes me cry. What a blessing you two are for each other. God definitely knew what he was doing when you two met as children.

    *big hugs* Happy Anniversary to you both!

  5. I am happy for you. I hope you have a lot more years together.

  6. Hi, Sue! I thought you had stopped updating, and I don't have you on my list. Duh. That has been fixed. I promise to come around now. I read some of your previous posts, and although there is heartbreak, there is still joy in your life too. Always hang on to that, eh?


    I'll be back :-)