Monday, 12 January 2009

Good morning

Hi fellow JS,ers . I hope you all had a great weekend . Reading Dorries forum this morning it said our poor Journalspace had been sold. While it makes me sad,I am still hopeful we can still ressurect it from the ashes somehow. I am thankful for Dorrie and Wheelie for helping us find each other.
Life is getting back to normal now our friends have gone home, i do miss them though.
Work is pretty slow at the minute too and yesterday we opened our doors on a Sunday for the very first time since we opened 25 years ago. The boss worked it and Ive yet to find out how busy it was. Its scary how many shops in our small town are closing due to the recession, the biggest one was Woolworth's which was a real family store and has been around forever!
This year i am determined to lose the weight. Ive joined whale watchers and its slowly coming off, although Ive fallen off the wagon over Christmas!

I do miss you guys, there are still a few who i haven't found yet but my middle name is " never give up"

God bless you all..have a good day and keep safe

Sue xx


  1. "Whale Watchers" ???? ;-) What a hoot.
    God bless you as well.
    Pastor larry

  2. God bless you too, Sue :)

    I did'nt read Dorrie's forum yesterday; I better go read it today!

    I'm finding people from other people's blogs, on their "follow" boxes. Love the neat feature of that box.

    Woolworth's! You still had a Woolworth's?? It's sad it's closed now, though.

    Here in St Pete and also in Miami Beach Woolworth's was my fave place to shop and go have lunch at the counter with friends.

    Ahhh, those good ole days. :)

    (((Hugs))) and hope you have a safe, happy day. :)

  3. Good morning to you, too. I like the Whale Watcher name. lol. I need to get back on that, or something similar. Good luck with that. I've always loved Woolworth's. There aren't any around here any longer. Hugs.

  4. Whale watcher.. heeehee freudian slip? *wink* naw....

    We still have a Woolworth's in Frankfurt, at least we did before my vacation. But I heard before I left that all would be closing. Walmart left Germany about 2 years ago.

    I'm glad your holidays were fun. Opening shop on Sunday's now? Hopefully it means more business.

  5. We are still here for you Sue despite any recession.


  6. Our city used to have a Woolworth's, just before it became Woolco, then Wal-mart moved into that spot.
    Have a good one Sue!

  7. Love your new photo up there, Sue! I love castles. :)

    Hope you have a good Monday too,
    and be safe!


  8. Wish I could afford for you to book me on an extended European vacation. Someday.... :)


  9. Oh good grief. I thought you meant you were watching whales. I am so dense.