Thursday, 5 February 2009

Its Snowing !!

We have had some weird weather here in the UK but i have to say i love it! Thankfully it never lasts long so it really is exciting for us. I do appreciate you in the USA who have to live with this for weeks on end, that would drive me crazy i think.
So today i am going outside and going to make a snowman and finally do a snow angel. I have never done one before and am so excited!
Tonight our church has organised a massive snowball fight on the Sconce Hills near us so that should be fun too. I will prolly be the eldest there but do i care??? nope . i love it!
The only ones not happy are the kitties and its really funny watching them sitting in the window trying to catch the snowflakes..
Today is my mums birthday and we were going out for lunch which is now cancelled. Instead we are donning wellington boots and walking an hour to see her. That should be fun too.
So no gym today for me but i am surely going to get loads of exercise. they say laughing is good exercise don't they? and in this climate there,s not a lot to laugh about so this will be good today.
Wherever you are, be safe, be warm and God bless you.



  1. Have fun this evening, but do take care. :-)

  2. You sound like a kid! lol. Good for you.That'll be fun making the snowman/angels. A snowball fight? Haven't done that in years, but was telling my son just last night about the HUGE snowforts we used to make as children. 15-18 foot snowbanks. They were like a house! HA! Enjoy. Hugs.

  3. We have had some really strange weather here too. I would love it to snow more though! Have a great day~

  4. Sue you have to love the snow!!!!!

  5. You're having the snow that WE normally should be having! It's been cold for weeks now but dry. Wierd weather for sure!

  6. we had that view since December! enjoy!

  7. Hope you had a fun and safe time. :) Happy belated Birthday to your Mum. :)

    Kitty in the window looks so cute watching the pretty snowflakes come down!


  8. Hope you had a great time having a snowball battle! I bet your snow angel was lovely!